Welcome To Ground Zero Entertainment

Thanks so much for joining and being part of this! We’ll start off with the basics here such as rules:

1)Be respectful. This includes being kind to not only staff but to other players, and equipment. Failure to comply will result in being banned from Ground Zero.

2)Monitor your sound. Headsets are available for use and you are allowed to bring your own. Please keep vocal levels low and refrain from shouting. We know your game can get intense; we respect that. but keep it to a minimum.

3)Don’t be hard on the equipment. Obviously, we provide the equipment to play, please do not break our things so we can continue to provide for others. Again, you are allowed to bring your own keyboard, mouse, headset, etc. You will be charged for what you break.

4) No hate speech or discriminatory language. Immediate ban and removal.

5)No unattended children 12 or younger.


7)No outside food or drink.

8)By entering the Lounge, you agree and acknowledge that you (or your children) may be subject to graphic or offensive content.

9)Do not get our online accounts banned.

10)Theft will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Be aware of trip hazards! We are NOT liable if you don’t watch where you walk.

The Lounge makes no guarantee of the availability of any equipment/titles in the library.

By using the Lounge’s space, you acknowledge that you are paying for access to space and controllers.

If you cause damage to any games, consoles, controllers, or ANY Lounge property at all, the cost of the damaged property will be charged to your tab.

Guests may be asked to leave by staff at ANY time. (We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone).